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Bring the wonders of nature to your wrist

Handmade Japanese Lavastone bracelets met with precious jewels and metals. Explore the story of Ashai that origins from the ancient temples of Japan.

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The first of the Twelve. Shigoto is our first bracelet in our signature collection called The Ashai Twelve, which inspired our brands main purpose. 

To start off the launch of Ashai and the year 2017, we present you Shigoto, the bracelet crafted for the working volcano Sakurajima.


Our story

Upon a visit to Kyoto in Japan, our founder met an old monk in an ancient temple. Nearly obsessed of his bead pouch filled with stones, our founder felt inspired to hear his story.

The old man told him that he’d been gathering lava stones from different volcanoes across Japan during his lifetime...