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Our Story

Upon a visit to Kyoto in Japan our founder met an old monk in an ancient temple. Nearly obsessed of his bead pouch filled with stones, our founder felt inspired to hear his story.

The old monk told him that he’d been gathering lava stones from different volcanoes across Japan during his lifetime, and that he had twelve volcanoes yet to visit. Due to bad health, he was unable to continue his course.

Back from the trip our founder felt passionate about helping this old man to fulfill his dream. The story of Ashai is to honour his lifelong journey by releasing one bracelet dedicated to each remaining volcano every year for the coming twelve years.

To start off this year and the launch of Ashai, we release Shigoto, the bracelet for the working volcano Sakurajima.

The Ashai Twelve

This is our signature collection that consists of twelve different bracelets dedicated to each remaining volcano we have yet to explore. We release one bracelet per year for the coming twelve years to fulfill the dream of the old monk.